Opening Branch Office in Ethiopia

Opening Branch Office in Ethiopia

An overseas company wishing to invest through a branch office is required to submit the following documents to the Ethiopian Investment Authority.

– a certified and notarized copy of the statutes or memorandum of association of the company;

– a resolution passed by the owners of the mother company authorizing the establishment of a branch office in Ethiopia. (The authorized capital of the branch, the activity to be undertaken, and the branch manager vested with the authority to become the legal representative in Ethiopia should be indicated in the resolution);

– a certified and notarized 3 (three) specimen signature of the legal representative.
The Ethiopian Investment Authority shall, upon receipt of the above documents, authorize the publication through a Gazette of extracts from the statutes of the company announcing the incorporation of the branch in Ethiopia. Once the publication is made, the Authority will subsequently issue a certificate of incorporation

evidencing the registration of a branch of an overseas company. Foreign companies wishing to open liaison office must submit their application to the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Access to land

In Ethiopia, land is public property. Both rural and urban lands are made available to investors on a lease-hold basis. Leaseholders have the right of use over urban land for periods ranging from 50 to 99 years. Lease right over land can be transferred together with on built facilities.

Each Regional Government delivers, based on the Federal law and its own laws, the required land to an investor within 60 days after receiving an application for allocation of land for an approved investment.

The Ethiopian Investment Authority, in cooperation with concerned Regional Government entities, facilities and follows up the allocation of land for approved foreign investment.